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Regelmäßig parken Autos auf dem Radweg

Autos parken Autos auf dem Radweg vor Geschäften. Ausweichen auf Fußweg oder Straße mit Stolperstellen. Kontrollieren!

Regelmäßig parken Autos auf dem Radweg vor Schwabenstraße 51. Kontrollieren und Ahnden!

Regelmäßig parken Autos auf dem Radweg vor dem Minigolf. Kontrollen und Ahnden

Auch im Alltag scheitern viele Verkehrsteilnehmer an dieser Frage Mehr kontrollieren!

Regelmäßig parken Autos auf dem Radweg vor Schwabenstraße 51.

Regelmäßig parken Autos auf dem Radweg vorm Minigolf

Salzstraße zu eng für Schwerlastverkehr. Trotz Abbiegen im Gegenverkehr touchiert der Auflieger den Bürgersteig.

Im Gschlatt

Bollards on Garrod St, Eddington, and a couple of Sheffield stands

The Ridgeway swings right here, but the main route ahead is named Garrod St from here.

Jug and Bottle this is a temporary window of the Free Press that sells beer from and where I got mine for the May 2020 #CamRideHome

And yet more illegal positioning this time by A few people under specific circumstances are allowed to stop or park in a cyclepath. Scaffolders are not. And there is an easy safer opt ... [more]

Next day, same issue, almost certainly same people and same vehicle. A few people under specific circumstances are allowed to stop or park in a cyclepath. Scaffolders are not. And there is an easy legal option ... [more]

Anglia Ruskin University bike incentive scheme

Trumpington Cycles - open during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Covered Sheffield stands at Scotsdales Garden Centre, plus some wheelbenders added at either end. And of course I cycled home with the grow bag on the rack.

Undercover parking in the multi-storey carpark

Undercover caged parking in multi-story carpark

The bus stop on Lancefield Quay, at the popup cycle lane, is still in use so there is a gap in the cones, and as soon as I turned around to take a picture of the end of the popup cycle lane, someone was trying to park a car there, in the wa ... [more]

Although the popup cycle lane has been marked for westbound use only, there is quite a bit of use eastbound, particularly here where the parallel NCN75 Clyde Walkway has been shut due to a building fire.

The popup cycle lane at Lancefield Quay has "No Entry" markings on it, but the parallel NCN75 Clyde Walkway (visible to the right) is closed due to a building fire.

The council has stated that the popup cycle lane is for westbound use only, but this section in particular at Lancefield Quay is seeing significant wrong direction use, since the only other alternative to the closed Clyde Walkway is to cycl ... [more]

The recommencement of the popup cycle lane at Lancefield Quay, where the parallel NCN75 riverside cycle path is shut due to a building fire.

Unlike the temporary arrangements westbound, there is nothing to say cycling is allowed on the Fastlink busway eastbound.

The end of the Fastlink busway on Anderston Quay, and in the distance, the recommencement of the popup cycle lane. The traffic signals detected my approach, and are quick to change.

Cycling legally on the Fastlink busway at last! (But only in this direction.)

Caught out by the road markings, or a change of mind when the traffic signals changed? The sign reads "Cyclists use Fastlink Carriageway", and a tiny "& cycle symbol" added between the "Bus Only" wording.

I guess the road markings are to remind bus drivers turning onto the Fastlink busway to look out for cyclists, but they appear to suggest to cyclists to go straight on, when the yellow sign says to use the busway.

The popup cycle lane recommences in Broomielaw, after George V Bridge, while NCN75 U-turns down a ramp onto the riverside path. The footway along this section ahead is no longer shared-use, but still sees people cycling along it, even with ... [more]

The popup cycle lane continues onto Broomielaw, passing under the Central Station bridge.

The popup cycle lane in Clyde Street.

The Clyde Street popup cycle lane, and a closed layby.

The recommencement of the popup cycle lane in Clyde Street, after Victoria Bridge.

A traffic lane removed on Clyde Street and turned into a popup cycle lane.

The popup cycle lane in Clyde Street, to provide extra capacity for NCN75 on the shared footway.

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The 12 most recently modified photos

NCN 222 Downslink crosses the River Arun by way of the famous Double Bridge at Rudgwick. The route uses the top tier.

10-capacity cycle 'shed' at Scotsdales Garden Centre.

See clip at Breaking "Highway code rule 163". The cyclelane is not an excuse for this.

Start of temporary cycle lane on Clyde Street. People joining from either the carriageway through the cones, or from the ramp from the shared footway.

The plastic ramp hasn't stayed in place, but the sandbags are better than nothing for bumping down the kerb. An asphalt ramp added on top of the road surface would be better.

NCN75 busy at Glasgow Green.

New painted cycle lanes on Chesterton Road. A slight improvement on the previous situation but not sure why they are advisory when the road is so wide.

UPDATE Bridge has been replaced in Urmston spacing and one row of bollards is better than recent installations #108206 ... [more]

May 2020 aproaching Perry Barr locks

May 2020

We’re creating a Keyworkers’ Corridor, close to @Leic_hospital #LRI - helping new and returning keyworker cyclists get to where they need to be quickly and safely #tacticalurbanism #leicbikeaid 🚲 #COVID19

Nuttall Street nearly finished. I wonder if this is going to increase motor traffic on CS1. Traffic previously exiting Hoxton here will now continue north along Hoxton Mkt then north up Pitfield/Whitmore. (Spellin ... [more]

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  • Icon 119580 Cukverden Down. School children walking to many local schools, pavements already crowded, too much traffic making it dangerous for walking and cycling. Should be closed to non residents cars. Open to buses, cyclists and residents only. Cycling lane needed.
  • Icon 119579 Dangerous pinch point, with two way motor traffic. Road could be closed at the junction with Broad Street to motor traffic. Residential properties and businesses could still be accessed by entering Hatters Lane from St John’s way. This would prevent this being used as a ‘cut through’ and reduce significantly conflict at its narrowest point.
  • Icon 119578 Two way street with parking blocking access, restrict parkin and vehicle access and needs clear cycle way to join up wine st and nelson street.
  • Icon 119577 Pavements too narrow especially ehrn vehicles are parked on the pavement. Heol y Deri pavements too narrow and full of holes. Husband twisted his ankle here recently.
  • Icon 119576 Exceptionally poor exit for cycle path, impossible to safely cross from other side of road to use path. Path needs right of way when joining Victoria st
  • Icon 119575 20 mph speed limit needed here, cars speed up to and often over the zebra crossing.
  • Icon 119574 The markings on the narrow advisory cycle lanes here have faded. The lanes need to be compulsory and widened to prevent overtaking. This section of road needs a 20 mph limit.
  • Icon 119573 No path on either side of the road, dangerous as kids often go along here to get to the cycle path.
  • Icon 119572 Comment on no right turn, problem is i this will exacerbate people driving wrong way up clouds hill ave (already happens regularly) and just move the idling 20 meters away with no real benefit. Traffic light control is more practical.
  • Icon 119571 Drop curb so that cyclists can get onto cycle path from Ladies Mile.
  • Icon 119570 Better segregation needed at crossings plus clear signage for cyclist to keep left and not line up to block the crossings
  • Icon 119569 Path is too narrow for cycles and pedestrians. Clear segregation and signage also required

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